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Our Roles

Our Roles

Redefine Business Events Thailand

We focus on the growth and continued development of unique and inspiring business events in Thailand. In addition to creating economic value and generating revenues, we aim to deliver what you need for enjoyable and successful meetings and trade shows: flexible local suppliers, abundant business opportunities, the famous Thai service touch, and endless opportunities for amazing and unforgettable experiences outside of the hotel, conference room, and exhibition hall.

These are the five key concepts that will reinforce Thailand’s position as a business events success story in Asia:

Strategic Business Partner

TCEB has a major role in offering strategic direction to the MICE industry, supporting sustainable growth and development through sector-level planning, as well as consulting services for individual companies.

Creative Leadership 

TCEB provides industry leadership through its inventive, creative ideas for business-events development.

Solution Provider

TCEB’s private sector support of business-events operators focuses on addressing specific challenges while contributing to the organization’s growth and long-term sustainability of the sector.

Business Connector

TCEB provides unique support by facilitating new partnerships among MICE operators, and by encouraging the formation of strategic alliances throughout the region and globally. The strength, resilience, and reach of our network of partners has established a strong foundation for future competitiveness.

MICE Capabilities Developer

TCEB addresses the need for strengthening human resource capacity within the MICE industry by establishing high standards, and by improving the abilities of MICE-industry professionals in Thailand.